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is a near natural hair color with valuable herbal ingredients. Some people are sensitive to p-phenylenediamine in hair colors. In the Sanotint Light series this ingredient is not included. The gray coverage with Sanotint Light is as intense as with the Sanotint Classic hair colors. Sanotint Hair Color Light Sensitive Light Brown combines color and care. The unique formula with valuable natural extracts of golden millet, grape leaf extract and birch extract provides extra care and gives your hair a natural look and a silky shine.

Content of the package: 1 tube of color cream (55 ml), 1 bottle of developing solution (55 ml), 1 bottle of revitalizing balm (15 ml), 1 pair of gloves, 1 instruction manual.
Shipping Weight: 175 g per item
Instructions for Sanotint & Sanotint Light Sensitive:
Before coloring, a skin compatibility test should be done! Before the treatment of the whole hair, the manufacturer recommends the coloring of a sample strand to ensure that the color result corresponds to your liking. Have an old towel at hand to protect the clothing from color. You need to wash your hair before coloring only if the hair is heavily soiled, greasy or has styling products in it. After a light hair wash the color is applied to the slightly dry hair.
The contents of the color cream tube are mixed well with the developing solution in the Sanotint Coloring Bowl in equal parts (1:1). Put on the gloves afterwards.
Apply the color mixture with the Sanotint Coloring Brush to the dry (or slightly dry) hair.
Allow the color to act for 30 minutes. In case of coloring the hairline, the reaction time is 20 minutes at first. Subsequently, the color mixture is applied to the lengths and tips and the reaction time is extended by a further 10 minutes. The manufacturer recommends covering the hair with a foil and an old towel during the coloring period.
After the reaction time, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water, and then wash the hair thoroughly with a shampoo (Sanotint Color Shampoo).
After slightly drying the hair, add the Sanotint revitalizing balm to give your hair more color brilliance and good combability after coloring.
The Sanotint revitalizing balm can optionally remain in the hair or be rinsed out like a hair treatment after a short time.
Each hair is individual in its structure and reacts differently to colors. For example, your initial hair color determines the color result. Before you begin, check the hair color of your desired hair color by means of a sample. This is very easy with Sanotint, since even small quantities can be mixed ready for use.
The Sanotint nuances 1-30 are intermixable. Note that you should only mix colors with the same color depth. A coverage of the hair during the reaction time is not necessary with the nuances 87 and 88. The Sanotint nuances 72-86 can be mixed with each other. The nuances 87 and 88 should only be mixed with the colors 76, 79, 85 or 86.
If your hair is very thick or longer than chin-lenght, you may need two packs to achieve a satisfactory color result.

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