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Do Kids Needs Multivitamins? If yes Why?

Do Kids Needs Multivitamins? If yes Why?

With challenging times, the importance of having vitamins/multivitamins supplements in a kid’s daily diet is gaining momentum. Every parent wants the best for their child’s health, and eating a healthy, well-balanced diet is so important for growth and development. But let’s be honest…how many of our kids actually do that every day, if ever?

Multivitamin supplement for kids

A healthy nutritional balance is very important for your kid’s growth and development.

Getting your child to regularly clean their plate of nutrient-rich foods can be a challenge. And if you have a picky eater on your hands, it’s downright impossible!

Regardless of your child’s eating habits, a multivitamin is a tried and true way to make sure they’re getting enough of the essential vitamins and minerals they need every day. Not convinced? Here are a few reasons kids can benefit from taking a multivitamin when necessary.

1.Compensate the deficiency: It is required to compensate for the deficiency of essential vitamins in infants and kids. Which is why switching to good and reliable products is a must for your kid’s health. 

A multivitamin supplementis just that – a way to “supplement” your child’s diet and fill any potential nutritional gaps. A nutritional gap is a shortage of any one vitamin or mineral, and can affect optimal health. All types of eaters, from the pickiest of the picky to the bottomless pits may have some nutritional gaps, and can benefit from the daily nutrition provided by a multivitamin.*


Multivitamin supplement for kids

For example, deficiency of iron in infants is common in many cases. In certain cases it becomes essential to supplement the nutritional gap with nutraceutical sources.

Just for clarity, we are not encouraging you  to spend on supplements. It’s a piece of information which you can use from an education point of view. We always recommend you consult a doctor first before using any supplement for your kid.

2.Strong bones & bright smiles: Multivitamins like ours that contain calcium and vitamin Dprovide kids with the primary mineral (calcium) needed for strong bones and pearly whites, and an essential vitamin (D) to help their growing bodies absorb the calcium.* Getting enough of this vitamin-mineral combination is especially essential during early childhood and adolescence, when most of a person’s bone mass is formed.

Multivitamin supplement for kids

3.Strong immune system: Vitamins like A, C, D and E are staples in our children’s multis, and each of them is so important for supporting immune health all year long.* Multivitamins can contribute to antioxidant health, and help keep your child’s immune system healthy and fortified. As a parent, what more could you ask for?

Multivitamin supplement for kids

4.Essential for growth and development: Kids need energy from the right sources to fuel their active days – and not the temporary “energy” that comes from tons of sugar.
Sunlife Pharmacy  offers a wide range of multivitamins from brands such as Mr Tummee and Gummi King  Our kids multivitamins are rich in B vitamins can help them convert food into energy,* and have 33% less sugar than the leading brand.** Just like adults, growing children need to replenish their supply of B vitamins daily, so they can support energy metabolism and enjoy their busy, fun-filled days to the fullest.*

The best features of these brands are many such as they are vegan, gluten and gelatin free, contain natural flavors and color which is good for health. These are 100% free from contamination and cruelty. What else do you want to ensure the growth and development of your kids?

You can learn more about other multivitamin productsfor various uses.

5.Maintain Nutritional Balance. The regular replenishment of vitamins and minerals is essential to health and vitality, and this is especially true in the growing, changing-every-day bodies of children.* Kids who grow up taking their vitamins every day are much more likely to continue this healthy habit into adulthood.

*Note: We do not encourage parents to purchase supplements based on the articles we publish. We always recommend consulting a doctor first before using any supplement for your kid.