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Healthy Lifestyle for a Healthy Body

Healthy Lifestyle for a Healthy Body

Hey folks, we know you are concerned about the new rising strain of Covid-19, Omicron but there are ways to keep yourself safe.

The first thing which you can do is to stay positive and keep your surroundings updated with the facts but not the myths. So always reconfirm the info with established organization websites such as WHO and UNICEF.

Uncertainty over OMICRON nature

Before we suggest you a couple of things for staying, you must know few facts about the nature of Omicron.

There is still substantial uncertainty regarding Omicron and a lot of research underway to evaluate its transmissibility, severity and reinfection risk.

Now, the question comes how to keep yourself safe from the rising infections and different strains. We all need to understand and accept that living with Covid Strains is a new normal for all of us till we get a permanent solution for it.

5 ways of protection

1.Exercise: A well maintained routine with morning exercise could be a blessing for you in tough times.
If you are interested in Yoga, then go for it and obtain mastery in few asanas.

Exercise or Yoga helps your body stay strong and healthy because it helps to boost immunity and energy levels in the body. Check more..

It maintains the proper functioning of all the organs which promotes good blood circulations, removes toxins form the body, makes you not only physically strong but also mentally because when our body organs start functioning appropriate, research shows it helps in developing focus and concentration.

Remember one thing friends, a healthy body can do wonders.  So, do not waste time, create a time table, divide your daily activities and ready to see the magic.

2. Healthy Food: Well, healthy means home cooked food. Aren’t you thinking this? Unfortunately, this is just not sufficient, why? The reasons are mentioned below:

Consuming food on right time is very important.

Having water 30 minutes before meal or 30 mints after having a meal helps keep your appetite intact and promotes digestion.

Never miss a breakfast as it provides you energy to deal with your daily tasks

Your diet should be more of fiber and proteins

As per your BMR, have your meals, 2 or 3 times in a day with good amount of fruits, rich in Vitamin C, D, E would be great for health.

Before you are off to bed, do not forget to have a glass of hot milk with some dry fruits like almonds, cashews, dry raisins, walnuts etc.

Vitamins are rich source of antioxidants which helps to fight the foreign antibodies and keep your immunity strong.

Whenever we fall sick, our antibodies fight with the foreign virus, microbes as a result our immunity becomes week. Our immune system acts as shield against the foreign antibodies and while fighting with them its battery becomes low.

We may successfully fight the virus but our immunity becomes week. Generally, we don’t focus substituting it with a good diet and compromise with a poor diet and junk foods, alcohol and smoke. Which is why we fall sick again which is commonly known as secondary infections. How to regain the lost immunity again? We will know in point no. 3.

3. Health Supplements: These are the resource to keep your immunity strongonce again to fight against the infections and virus.

Sometimes, even a proper diet does not help to keep our immunity strong. Considering the same, you can find certain types of health supplements which belongs to different categories such as immunity, bone, digestion, kidney, cardiovascular and even baby health supplements. These days its not at all difficult to get them through online pharmacies.

People who having health conditions should always consult with a doctor and follow the instructions as mentioned on the product label. It is always better to take a physician advice if you have any doubts.

4. Follow Social Distancing: It is very easy to understand the impact Covid had on all of us. As a result, the world has gone under multiple locked downs and we are still struggling as the virus is transmissible.

So, move out only if it is urgent.

Do not forget to cover yourself, put your mask on and always keep a sanitizer with you to ensure your hands remain clean.

It’s not just about you to stay safe, in fact it’s all of us social responsibility to keep others safe.

5. Family Time: Family is the best medicine for all your fears. Research reveals that a healthy relation reduces the anxiety scope and helps an individual to stay positive and healthy.

We are sure you will surely try these points to stay fit. For wellness a healthy lifestyle is key to everything.

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