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General Questions

Q1. Can I know whether your Pharmacy is licensed?

Yes, our pharmacy is duly licensed.

Q2. What are your hours of operation?

We have 15 retail stores all over Qatar. All the stores are having different timings. To know the timings of each location, we request you to please type the store name on Google Maps and you will get the details.

  • Do you have retail stores? If yes, what are the locations?
Q3. Does Sunlife Pharmacy deliver products to any location in Qatar?

Yes. We make it possible to make a confirmed reach to a customer.

Q4. How can I save more at Sunlife Online Pharmacy ?

Sunlife Online Pharmacy in Qatar is a renowned name in the field of online pharmacy and retail stores. To make purchases convenient for customers, we keep running different kinds of offers. 
The current offers are :

We request you to keep visiting www.sunlife.qa for latest updates on offres

Q5. How long will it take to deliver my order?

You Can choose the delivery time based on availability – but it can be as soon as 90 min.

Online Products

Q1. Does Sunlife Pharmacy offer beauty products?

Yes, it offers a wide range of beauty products along with some renowned names like

Visit Beauty Section:  https://sunlife.qa/#

Q2. Does Sunlife Pharmacy offer medical devices?

Yes, it does. 

Visit to purchase at : https://sunlife.qa/product-category/pharmacy/medical-supplies/

Q3. Does Sunlife Pharmacy provide diabetes supplements?
Q4. Do you have retail stores? If yes, what are the locations? yes we do have 15 retail pharmacies

Yes,  we have 15 retail pharmacy stores in Qatar.

  1. Sunlife Pharmacy in Qatar – Al Noor
  2. Sunlife Pharmacy in Qatar – Future
  3. Sunlife Pharmacy in Qatar – Al Mansoor Polyclinic
  4. Sunlife Pharmacy in Qatar – Madina
  5. Sunlife Pharmacy in Qatar –  Musheirb
  6. Sunlife Pharmacy in Qatar – J Mall
  7. Sunlife Pharmacy in Qatar –  Al Ahli
  8. Sunlife Pharmacy in Qatar –  Al Wakeer
  9. Sunlife Pharmacy in Qatar – Waqood Al Waqra
  10. Sunlife Pharmacy in Qatar – Waqood Rawdat Al Hamam
  11. Sunlife Pharmacy in Qatar – Kharatiyat
  12. Sunlife Pharmacy in Qatar – Umm Salal
  13. Sunlife Pharmacy in Qatar – Gharaffa
  14. Sunlife Pharmacy in Qatar – Mauither 
  15. Sunlife Pharmacy in Qatar – City Walk
Q5. Where can I search for baby products?

Visit: https://sunlife.qa/product-category/pharmacy/kids-life/

Q6. Where can I search for baby products?

Yes, it does. You need to upload the prescription on the website to make a purchase.
Visit: https://sunlife.qa/product-category/pharmacy/medicine/

Health Supplements | Vitamins and Minerals | Buy Online  Medicines

Online Pharmacy Qatar offers you to buy online medicines, health supplements rich in Vitamins and Minerals, and Cosmetics from popular brands such as  Popaya and Sweet Secret online, certainly at the cheapest prices in Doha Qatar.

We cares about your health & beauty with our products and services. The online pharmacy gives you the privileges’ to shop by Categories like Pharmacy, Popaya, Sweet Secret, Family Care, Beauty Corner, Supplements & Vitamins, Brands, Medicines & Treatment, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Mother & Baby Care, Home Health Care, Hair and Nail Care, Ferosom Forte, and more. It offers quick delivery within same day on selected orders*.

We keep updating the categories with famous brands and products which are in huge demand. The process of placing an order is super easy. The online offers and deals are an ultra feature on the website as a gesture of valuing our loyal customers. We have successfully managed our legacy for over a decade and looking forward to take it further with great products and attractive deals.

We are everywhere. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for latest updates on products. We value our customers and which is why we are open to feedbacks to make sure the necessary improvements in the process. Do you wat to share yours? Please visit our feedback section and share your thoughts with us.

Do not hesitate to Consult Our Certified Pharmacists. Call us Today!

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