Free Delivery in Qatar till 31st Jab 22

Online Pharmacy in Qatar – Free Delivery to all till 31st Jan’22

Sunlife online pharmacy in Qatar has initiated a scheme of FREE DELIVERY for all in Qatar. The offer will be valid till 31st Jan with terms and conditions. 

As a pharmacy company, it is an initiative to encourage and enable everyone to avail online medicines and other online supplements in Qatar, hasslefree. The pharmacy will not charge on delivery till Jan 31st. 

In order to stay updated about all the ongoing offers and the offer extension date, we request you to visit to stay updated always.

Amongst the disparity of Omicron (Covid) rising cases all over the world, Qatar is no exception.

It has become important to know the things which we can do to keep ourselves protected from infections. 

Always Consult a Doctor:

In this crucial time, we will advise you to visit a doctor in case you feel you are developing Covid-19 symptoms. 

 Please do not do self medication. It could be destructive for you.  To be safe with your decisions, Qatar home ministry has already run an active     campaign with all the necessary details related to Covid 19, its symptoms and important tips to protect yourself from this deadly virus. 

The other peak is ready to hit Qatar again but it can be controlled by following the safety procedures. 

Be a good responsible citizen and resident for your surroundings and yourself.

Include Vitamin C in your diet

It is beneficial, if you start including food in your diet which is rich in Vitamin C. 

As,  Vitamin C is a rich and strong source of antioxidants it helps to fight against the free radicals. 

What are free radicals? These are oxygen-containing molecules in the body which cause high oxidation. 

In order to control it is important to have antioxidant rich food in our diet. Vitamin C indeed has a huge amount of antioxidants which helps in boosting immunity. 

It is also called a strong immunity supplement. 

You can have salads of fresh fruits and vegetables with a zest of lemon once in a day to fulfill daily antioxidants requirements of the body. 

Interestingly, most fruits, vegetables have a certain amount of antioxidants. This helps in keeping your body safe from virus attacks in a longer run. Therefore, a consistent amount of fruits, vegetables, and dry nuts should be taken on a daily basis. The results are really helpful for a healthy body. 

To learn more benefits, you can read our article “Healthy Lifestyle for a Healthy Body” 

In one of our blogs, we have spoken about the benefits of home cooked food, exercise, health supplements and to follow safety guidelines. 

Maintain Social Distancing

It is important to keep following and adhere to the social distancing criteria. 

Qatar ministry keeps releasing Covid  19 update on a regular basis. Infact, for Covid certifications in Qatar , you can visit the Ministry of Public Health website. 

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We all aim to have a virus free world as soon as possible. With the rise of new year 2022 we wish you all wellness, health and prosperity. 

Considering the safety of our netizens we are offering Free Delivery even on Face Masks and Sanitizers.

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