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Agiolax Gr 250 Grams

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Agiolax Granules 250 Grams - Effective, Natural Fiber Digestive Aid.

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SKU: 29431
In stock
SKU: 29431
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Experience gentle and effective relief from constipation with Agiolax Granules. Packed in a convenient 250-gram container, this digestive aid utilizes a scientifically formulated blend of natural dietary fibers and a carefully selected mix of herbs to help regulate your digestive system comfortably and naturally. Whether you're dealing with occasional sluggishness or seeking a regular digestion improvement, Agiolax is designed to provide dependable results.

- Easy to use: Simply sprinkle Agiolax Granules into your favorite beverage or over your breakfast cereal.
- Natural Ingredients: Made with psyllium husks, senna, and a host of other beneficial herbs that promote digestive health without harsh side effects.
- Suitable for Adults: Perfect for adults looking to enhance their digestive health naturally.

Agiolax works by absorbing water and increasing stool bulk, thus aiding in smoother and quicker bowel movements. Regular use of Agiolax can help maintain regularity and prevent constipation. The granules are finely milled, ensuring they blend smoothly into foods and drinks without altering taste or texture. Start your mornings with Agiolax, and keep your digestive system running smoothly all day long!

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