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Raios Sunscreen No Fragrance Spray - 70ml

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A waterproof sunscreen spray for face, body and hair

SKU: 69218
SKU: 69218

A waterproof sunscreen spray for face, body and hair

- Helps smooth and moisturize the skin
- Contains hyaluronic acid, amino acids and royal jelly
- Easy to remove with soap or cleansers and is suitable for sensitive skin and all skin types
- Alcohol, mineral oil, parabens, color and fragrance free
- UV scattering agent free
- Provides a UVA/UVB protection
- SPF50+ PA++++

How to Use:
- Hold the nozzle close to your skin and spray generously
- Rub it in thoroughly
- Avoid inhaling spray sunscreen
- Avoid using spray sunscreen on windy days
- Never apply spray sunscreen near heat or open flame, or while smoking.

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